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Welcome to Sweet Herbs

Sweet Herbs is our herbal shop! Our handmade products conjure spiritual alignment, empowerment, protection, ancestral connection, purpose, community care, and self-love. We believe in holistic health, good nutrition, accessibility, and healthy minds that empower and liberate the spirit.


Our herbal medicine, kitchenware, altars, home decor, naturally dyed work, and eco-artistic spiritual products support the mind, body, and spirit. 


New Collection

Sweet Elders Homegrown Collection
Inspired by the wisdom and guidance our my personal and our collective ancestors


 Sweet Herbs products are intuitively guided with love and care from our ancestors, Ori, Angels, Mama Earth, and God. We give thanks to the land and all our customers for your support and connection to our products made with you in our hearts. We are grateful for you and send prayers of love, prosperity, and blessings! When you buy our products, you donate to our Sweet Cause Fund, providing creative-based personal development workshops for communities of color and need-based donations to individuals, families, and groups in the U.S and Internationally.


 Our products are found on ESTY and local markets. 


Our Products



1. Herbal Extracts (coming late winter)

2. Homemade Salsa

3. Plant-Fruit Paper

4. Fruit Infused Syrups

5. Holy Basil Seasoning

6. Thai Basil Seasoning

7. Basil Floral Mini Protection Bouquets

8. Homemade Peanut Butter

9. Oat milk (Chocolate & Sweet)

10. Indigo "Haint" Bottles (protection)

11. Ancestor To-Go Altars

12. Salad Dressings (coming soon)


Artistic Herbal Products               

1. Yoni Incense Holders

2. Custom Incense Holders

3. Home harvested Honey's (back soon)

4. Stress & Anxiety Relief Mojo Bags

(love, protection, clarity, relaxation)

 5. Spiritual Brooms (large & small)

6. White Sage & Palo Smudge

7. Indigo & Turmeric Dyed Flour Sack 

8. Indigo & Turmeric Dyed Hand Towels