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Welcome to the hive!

Honey, we are excited to connect with you, community!


Empower with truth | Community care | Intergenerational Bridging | Education as liberation.


Sweet Herbs Online Shop

Our herbal shop is open! Here can will find all handmade products for the home, personal use, community care and ancestral connection. 


All products sold under Sweet Herbs are intuitively made by Jaee Honey Sumter catered to and for you. We are also a market vendor in California. 

​We hope that enjoy your product with love and care.

You can also leave a product review!


Community Programming

Check out our Community Programming & Digital archive, Honeycomb Archive!

Here you will find community-led projects and our digital archive filled with all Sweet Herbal Honey's programming with creators around the world.


All programming is for us, by us.​​


If you are interested in collaborating, please email us!


Bees of the Indigo

Bees of the Indigo Sacred Event Space & Cultural Homeschool located in Bakersfield, CA

- Community Library

- Community Garden

-  Healing & Meditation Room

- Prayer Room

- Backyard Deck

-Backyard Grass area

Self-Care Station

-Small Apothecary

- Community Resources 

Check out our Upcoming Event Fundraisers & Community Workshops now available! 


Community Love, Cookout & Open MIC Community Fundraiser

October 28, 2023


Family event

Gratitude to the ancestors of past, present and future. The legacy we leave.


Ase' O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy

Check out Ase' O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy: Community Arts & Wellness Education Program

*for adults & youth

Ase' O 5 Principles

1. Collaboration

2. Creativity

3. Unity & Power

4. Healing & Activism

5. Education as liberation 


Jaee Honey Sumter 

Check out Jaee Sumter's artist & practitioner offerings


Here you will find Jaee's interdisciplinary community practice and portfolio.

For collaborating and contracting, email them at 


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About Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary 

Welcome to Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, a small traveling multidisciplinary creative business. Here, we offer community art educational programs, projects, events, products, fundraisers, creative events, and wellness-based services to empower and support all communities of color and our collective experiences, locally and internationally.

We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration, and our mission is to help bring our communities together to bridge gaps, create meaningful connections, and inspire positive change. Our goal is to create a space where everyone is free to be their authentic selves, express their unique gifts, and use that act of preservation to better our communities. We strive to create impactful experiences that will lead to liberation and transformation. 

At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, we are committed to uplifting and building the community. We work from the ground up in directly building with the communities we serve through providing resources, support, and education that inspires everyone to lead healthier and more meaningful lives. We provide creative-based solutions that produce sustainability, generational wealth, legacy and skill building, intergenerational bridging, ancestral and multicultural awareness, community care, and collective liberation. Our approach is to provide social justice practices and community art that brings about short and long-term change. We strive to empower our community by fostering self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as well as providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced in our society. 

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is more than a business, it’s a community. Our goal is to empower, inspire and connect people of color through creative collaboration. At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, we believe that together we can make an even bigger impact. Our mission is to create a safe and supportive all POC communities and allies. Through creative community projects, we offer paid opportunities for creative projects, events, and programs that will give back to the global community.


Our goal is to use collective resources to uplift and support resilient communities that are experiencing injustice and oppression. From raising resources that further supports communities of color to creating engaging events and programs, we are committed to using creative practice as a tool for positive change.

       Creativity changes lives. It heals and it solves problems.


We are rooted in learning, teaching, healing, dreaming, creating and inspiring. We believe that we are all connected and that by joining forces, we can make a real difference in the world regardless of our identities.

We channel the wisdom of our elders, the resilience of our ancestors and the imagination of our youth in building collective practice of intergenerational care that leads us towards our purpose in carrying the collective torch of innovation for all generations to reimagine and build further.

We use the framework of a honey hive and apothecary of souls--- a hive of bees understanding the collective mission honor ourselves as individuals and community members. As we continue to learn and build together, our honey pours itself over for all to experience as one. As an apothecary of people, we are the healing herbs that heals ourselves and supports each other in healing. With that combination of bees, honey and herbs, we create a powerful and integrated blend from Mama Earth that acts as our guide towards personal and collective freedom.

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is each and every one of us -- giving back to ourselves, our communities and the earth we live on.

This actualizes through four aspects of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary:

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White and Blue Did You Know Interesting Fact Instagram Post (3).png


Ase' O Community Arts and Wellness Education Program

Sweet Herbs Herbal Medicine

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Bees of the Indigo Sacred Event Space & Cultural Homeschool


Jaee Honey Sumter Creative and Ancestral Practitioner

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50% percent of our receiving proceeds goes toward:

1.  Funding community projects

2. Organizational costs

3. Providing Paid Project Opportunities for creators

4. Providing FREE donation-based resources for those in need

100% of direct donations goes directly towards providing FREE need-based resources for individuals and families in low-income communities, Examples include: groceries, community refrigerators, hygiene products, art supplies, books, feminine products, masks, bedding, school supplies, 1:1 skill and professional development. All donations will go towards these examples, but not limited to. 


How our Partnerships and Collaborations can BUILD together:

1. Sweet Herbal Honey supporting the organization or artist with their existing community programming that we will join and support with expanding.

2. Sweet Herbal Honey introducing a program, fundraiser and/or project to your community through merging platforms together to produce something new and impactful.

3.  Collaborating with Sweet Herbal Honey's where final proceeds pays creators and businesses as well as collectively gives a portion to a cause and/or community project of our collective choosing.


4. SoulFull Creative Community Business Alliance (Coming Soon)

DONATE or work with us to join our cause in collectively building an empowered world.

We are the recipe(s) of our elders and ancestors.


We each carry the torch and the role that is most true who we are and enjoy expressing.


We are the ingredients needed to change the world and in that most honest connection and collaboration, something new can be birthed.

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is us.


The community.                                                 The elders.

           The youth.                                     Our ancestors.

                   The adults.                       Mama Earth. 


the spirit beyond and within. 

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