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Rachel Robinson and Jaee Sumter
July 2020

Bath Salts Workshop

a conversation that centers self-love and care through unpacking societal pressures of beauty standards, while learning how to make bath salts for releasing and manifesting



Collective Intuitive Message
by Jaee Sumter

Divine Feminine Oracle Deck


The card that was shown from the Divine Feminine deck was the African Goddess Mother Yemoja. “Mother Yemoja represents the creative force of the unconscious, the secret depth that brings the unseen into the physical realm. She is caring and nurturing yet fiercely protective and strong with a desire to relieve her children of any struggles or sorrows. She is the queen of the ocean and the ruler of the subconscious. Mother Yemoja’s essence creates flow where before there was a block, or a stagnation in our life force. She baptizes us to start over and begin again.

Jaee was also intuitively called towards the Moon tarot card. The Moon in tarot can be associated with dreams, intuition, illusions, internal depth, and feminine energy. Yemoja and the Moon is a powerful combination, with significance to the session itself. In this particular deck, this card reps a woman wading out into sea standing to the moon and will soon set sail in her boat towards an unknown door. She has a dream that the Goddess will be with her on this journey through the labyrinth. The Moon can be considered as a strong call coming from within that’s leading her towards inner purpose on the journey of transformation.


Mother Yemoja and the energy of the Moon is here to help us look closer within and ask ourselves those in-depth questions regarding our fears and things that are hidden in our psyche—allowing us to understand, cleanse, release, float/flow, inspire, and transform into limitless love. It can allow us to ask those very tough questions like, What is love and self-love? Through my experiences, how can I love myself and others with flow? What am I holding on to that should be released? How has my past shaped my perspective of love? How has society taught me unaligned and aligned ways of love? How can we share love for the betterment of all of us? 

Soul-voice meditation:

What do I need to bring from out of the depths into the material world?


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