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 Asé O

Descendants of Roots & Legacy

empowerment Program

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 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


Ancestor Nelson Mandela

Creative Integration

Curriculum Development 


Teaching Artist




Internal, Community & Global Understanding


Cultural Awareness



Ase’ O: Descendants of Root & Legacy is the branch of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that acts as our empowerment educational program + curriculum that centers literacy, creative arts, storytelling, artivism, identity exploration, cultural awareness, ancestral understanding, intersectionality, community empowerment, archiving, intergenerational legacy and community connection. Our educational program can be integrated in traditional and nontraditional educational institution settings, homes and community spaces. 

Ase’ O is an inclusive, affirmative and community centered program that centers communities of color and is accepting of anyone regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual belief, disability and/or economic background. Our goal is highlighting the importance of intergenerational bridging, which is past, present and future. Through education, we learn and teach ways of embodying our power to relearn from the past, bridge gaps that keep us apart and create a brighter, interdependent, sustainable and equitable future. Legacy work is important in our journey towards personal + collective liberation and as we learn from each other through active participation, we create more blueprints and roadmaps that lead to social change. We are the leaders of today and tomorrow and within our DNA, each person is the puzzle piece to collective social change. 


Problem-Solving & Inquiry based learning

Key Areas of Focus

Knowlege & Understanding

Collaboration & Community

Critical & Creative Thinking

Skill Development


Self, Socio, Cultural & Global Awareness

Analyzation & Research 

Through this program, we will use creative expression to further uplift leadership, public speaking, resume and skill building, literacy, business mapping and discovering our creative voice. We will also discover language to our everyday experiences that introduces technical, traditional, cultural, ancestral context to understanding and unpacking the world through our stories.


This can present itself as a series of classes, one day classes, community workshops, mindfulness practices, comm. creator teaching residency and creative field trips that exposes youth and adults to various forms of culture. This also presents itself through mentorships that connect youth with practicing community centered creatives and businesses in desired fields. Mentorships are dependent on agreement with participating individuals, institutions and organizations. 

We will explore these realms through emotional, historical, socio-political, global and internal awareness that highlights the needs of effective learning through fostering fun and innovative environments while incorporating integrative processes of subject life learning through the arts.


Through Jaee’s experiences of being Dyslexic and coming to this awareness as an adult, they’ve had to discover their own approach to learning that supported them within and beyond the classroom. This naturally formed through creative practice where beat making, visual + word-based flashcards, games, cooking, stepping, calendars, schedules, vision boards, maps and creative writing supported their process. Due to using these practices of memorization, repetition and comfort -- it allowed them to break down their ways of understanding subjects and the world around them.

Over the years, this form of consistency in understanding their own learning style(s) and approaches to education and life, both professionally and personally has brought extreme levels of confidence, organizational skills, personal power, creation building and a wholistic understanding. This now naturally flows in all areas of their life that supports them with building a better relationship with themselves and their creative solution-based thinking. Due to this, they’ve approached their teaching through the lens of catering to all learning styles and developing creative curriculums and lessons that fit each person where everyone leaves feeling seen and heard.

Through this program, we support each person in finding what comes most natural for them and that supports them in and beyond the classroom. This happens through learning life and technical skills that welcomes self and community understanding.

Ase’O is enacted through Jaee Sumter, as an Arts Integration educator, consultant and coach. This presents itself through Jaee building and teaching the Ase’O curriculum in collaboration with schools, organizations, homeschools and community spaces. Jaee has worked in and with many educational sectors through their teaching career. This has furthered Jaee teaching practice towards Arts Integration that welcomes learning through an inclusive creative multi-learning lens.

Through the Ase’O program, Jaee also offers 1:1 coaching for teachers in integrating these approaches into their lesson and classroom management. Through this program, we welcome space for field trips that offer self, community and global awareness with the community. Our goal is to begin providing financial opportunities for creators to become community teaching artists that supports community creative artivism projects and that centers storytelling, truth, pain, joy, justice, self-understanding, problem solving, emotional intelligence. We use this to celebrate ourselves in all fields.




1. Multi-subject learning and teaching with Arts Intergration lens

2. Self-Inquiry through Technique based Visual Art

3. Artivism through Literacy & Arts

4. Community Art: Introduction to Community

 The program and curriculum include three approaches:

(Kindergarten to Adults)

Connection with local community. Lessons that center collaboration with local businesses and creators. Mentorships with businesses and creators in desired fields.


- Lessons for English for Second language learners

- Highlights 100 books from POC authors

- Community based lesson plans

- Printable worksheets

- Run of Shows for trips and art show

- Student examples 

- Syllabus samples and artist studies

- Arts-literacy based homework

- Adult workshops 


 The curriculum includes:

(Kindergarten to Adults)

The curriculum was built by Janae' "Jaee" Sumter through their teaching and organizing experience of working with K-adults in tradition and non-traditional educational environments that includes charter, colleges, public, private, alternative centers, shelters, nonprofits, gardens, international schools and virtual classes.


Additionally, through this program, we use these approaches to continue the collective mission in ending cycles of internal and external oppression. We use creative practice that encourages and centers mental liberation, legacy building, sustainability, integration, generational wealth, skill discovery, SEL support, cultural celebration and business  through the lens of the Socio-Ecological Model and Social Change Ecosystem.


                       Ase’O can be purchased for educators and teaching parents to use for their students, children and participants. Ase’O will be available Feburary 2023.


Please Email to bring our program into your space. We will work together in building a subitable series or one time lesson that fits best with your organization and/or home.


Program Overview:


Creative Practice can be the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. It challenges, questions, expresses and celebrates matters of the world and yourself within it. This program course will center the exploration of life through the lens of creative practice. Participants will explore and practice the research, application, discovery and radical act of using art as a expressive tool for creativity, resilience, personal fulfillment, empowerment, liberation and social change.



This will be guided through THREE main components: 


 Introduction to Creative Healing Arts 

  Wholism, Wellness, Community Mindfulness  

  Personal, Social & Global Awareness 





Introduction to Creative Healing Arts 

Participants will get their feet wet as we explore and become exposed to the world through the lens of arts. They will learn new, known and experimental practices and techniques. This will move within the experimental and self-inquiry realm that caters to the participants interests through everyday exploring practices for learning. This can assist participants in discovering their interest through project learning that supports their personal, business and creative endeavors. This method can come in the form of gardening, herbal medicine, writing, drawing, public speaking, photography, curating, cooking, natural dyeing, banner making, flyer design, community murals, product design, website design, farming, mapping, hair braiding and more…


Programming will cater to each environment and may differ in approach depending on the partnership. Through this we will include lessons that incorporate the basic of Elements of Art through the lens of practicality, activism and everyday life experiences. As we use projects to further our understanding, we will use books, writings, trips and historical research to connect our experiences with community leaders of past and present to learn how they strive despite their experiences. Participants will explore what they've learned and use art to unpack stereotypes, theories, isms, phobias, doubts, inner child wounds that they've experienced.


Elements of Art: Texture, Line, Shape, Color, Space, Form, Pattern, Sense and how they apply practically everyday life



        Wholism, Wellness, Community Mindfulness

 Participants will have guest speakers, local artists and businesses share with them techniques and knowledge of interest. They will have the chance to do parent-student art projects, work with their local communities and learn about other practices that spark their interests beyond art. Participants will learn wellness practices such as managing emotions, understanding boundaries, consent, community building and collaboration. They will also explore murals, meditation, intentional breathing, art walks, music, creative writing, movement/improvisation and integrating of practices (plant dyeing, weaving, college, mindfulness, cultural arts). Lessons will center collaborations with local business and creators that allows intentional connection for students to learn more about their neighborhood and all it has to offer.


Participants will also learn entrepreneurship and curation methods through the lens of creatives as business owners, which allows students to host craft markets, learn about money management, flyer and website design and create their own logo and business cards that allows them to use their passions for business and personal fun (at that current age level).


Includes: Reflections, questions, writing prompts, share and tells and possible internships. Connections ancestor awareness, socio- emotional connection + team building. Students organizing and participating in local community projects: markets, drives, shows, performances etc...

 Personal, Social & Global Awareness  

Participants will learn creative practices from a global perspective. From dancing to public speaking and storytelling. We will explore the range of different ways participants can explore and challenge the world through storytelling, reflection, cultural arts and traditions. We will have the chance to make tangible connections between historical, global and socio-emotional learning. Participants will also dive deeper into the understanding of community art, creative critical thinking, self-reflection and artistic exploration. Participants will also begin to explore their creative voice as they learn ways of unpacking socio-economic injustice as it relates to them, their communities and the world at-large. This section will also provide students with an overview of accessible forms of art from movements like Gees Bend, Senaca Village Stone Wall, Black Arts Movement, Harlem Renaissance, Global Artivism, Ancient Arts like Chinese, African, Egyptian and Mexican, cultural traditions, deemed taboos, activism, stortyelling and martial arts.

 Creative Practices offered, but not limited to: 

  • Meditation: Exploring creative forms that provides assistance during stressful, triggering and traumatic moments)

  • Art Making: Coloring, sculpture, group and community installations/murals)

  • Cultural awareness: Hair braiding, ancestor altars, quilts, etc...

  •  Movement: Dance, step, improvisation, intuitive

  • Community connection: Photography, gallery visits, art walks, community volunteering, donation drives 

  • Accessibility & Environment: Herbs, Food and spice learning, dyeing with kitchen ingredients

  • Group & Team Building: Peer conversations, circles, group activities

  •  Journaling: Creative writing, poetry, streams of flow, share and tells

  • Creative Visioning: Dream boards, envisioning our dreams, leaning how to bring them to life step by step, and manifesting, law of attraction, organizational skills

  • Techniques for Stress and Emotional Understanding: Salt baths, planting, gardening, cooking, scrapbooking, affirmation making) 

  • Creative Business & Portfolio Building: (Banner making, fabrics, flower printing, flyer design, website design, product photography, support in interests)

The program is intertwined through:


1. Teaching: Partnering with the program to bring Ase’O curriculum into schools, organizations and community spaces and teaching our curriculum and this program within organizations and community spaces. Jaee can also act as a coach or consultant in support for current schools, homeschool educators, organizers and creators who are inspired to teach in their community(s).

2Partnerships: A Liaison and Connector in bridging organizations, schools, artists and practitioners together through subject and life-based programming. For partnerships, creators are able to bring their creative practice into educational and non-education spaces that supports the student’s process in a holistic point of view and allows them to apply that to practice through a showcase. Showcases can come in the form of an open mic, performance, art show, Zine, published book, TV show, collective published book, cooking show, documentary, or any desired creative project.


3. Field trips & Community Volunteering: Students can experience community centered creative field trips in and beyond their local communities. For volunteering – providing students with awareness and tools that supports them in learning ways they can give back to their communities.






Partnerships and agreements:

Programming length is dependent on the age group and partnership with the potential organization, collective or individual. This can range as a one-time workshop or ongoing sessions that are weekly, biweekly, monthly, permanently and/or for a longer duration. All sessions will include various modalities such as small projects, independent research, material-based experiments, relationship building exercises, meditation, creative writings, art making, movement and interests.


This will lead into a collective manifestation that will end the term or project. This can range anywhere from art exhibitions, fashion shows, murals, installations, poetry books (individual and class), dance performances, showcases, documenting, archiving, donation drive, community volunteer event, markets, cooking competitions and beyond.  

Incorporating the arts and activism has always been important and is more vital now, especially for our generations now and to come. People power changes the world. We deserve to be creative and dream big while in the process of knowing that we can actualize those dream. Educational partnerships with schools and organizations allows Jaee to work with you to build a lens of our curriculum that most fits with your students' needs and wants. This welcome opportunities for exploring an integrative approach to wholistic learning in our schools and communities. We also welcome space for potential volunteer opportunities, internships, mentorships and employment opportunities that connect participants with local businesses based on skill level and interests.



 Adult Programming: 

Adult programming comes in the form of workshops. Similar to institutional and youth programming, we will use inquiry based creative practice to support each other, build connection, exchange knowledge and co-work with other creators.

Programming for adults   

  • Adult nature walks for learning about plant species, exercise, 

  • Journaling and connecting with like-minded individuals. 

  • Game nights & Art Walks

  • Creative based retreats for co-working, skill building, fun, rest and knowledge exchanging

  • Literacy and skill based workshops

  • Adult dialogue and arts based workshops – unpacks collective processes of systemic and systematic oppression and the ways it continues to play a significant role within our lives, homes, communities and the world at large. 

  • Roundtable talks for community building and resolution cultivation. 



 Accessibility through the Arts: (Aboard & U.S)

Workshops & Projects:

Using our surroundings of natural resources to create sustaining projects that documents our stories through archiving, rebuilding structures,

DIY Art Tools & Art Kits:

Journals, sketch & coloring books, reading books, natural paints from produce and mud, clothing designs using flowers and herbs

Storytelling, Legacy & Empowerment:

Support with sustainable ways of working as a community through healing arts to empower and inspire. Support in making sure basic the communities needs are met through collaboration and discovering natural gifts for resourcefulness and traditions.

Rebuilding structures through natural resources: (Soon to come)

Natural materials--Mud and Cobb homes. Building effort-based homes for the shelterless. Including buildings such as schoolhouses, shops, businesses, banks, community libraries and physical archives from local community stories and experiences. 


Arts education:

Teaching Integration of English & Art (using AseO curriculum)

Skill building:

Photography, editing, entrepreneurship, creative business approach  


Connecting communities aboard. Selling creative work between countries. Supporting low access communities in countries experiences severe poverty. providing opportunities for rebuilding, celebration, art, sustainable, connection 

Community Collaboration: 

Partner with local creators and businesses to provides youth and adult participates with work opportunities, internships and/or mentorships. Programming will be based on getting folks involved in their local communities and exposing them to the powerful beauty in their own neighborhood as well as culture. Opportunities will be based on students' interests.

All programming can be physical or virtual contingent on partnership agreement.

For physical projects: Jaee will travel to your community and home country to spend a duration of agreed time to support you, your community and/or organization. Agreed Partnerships are based on your needs, asks, goals and what Jaee can tangibly offer.

As a person who loves learning from and with community, Jaee will spend time immersed in your community and learn from and with you as the both of you develop and execute aligned programming together. Jaee is here to not only support you, but to also learn from you in the process as a community. 

International Projects:

Duration time for projects 1-6 months


 United States Projects:

Single day up to 2 months (if residing in the city for longer programming. 

*Collaborating with community-based creators with actualizing particular projects (i.e. construction builders, welders, etc...)


Educational settings includes, but no limited to 


Public, Charter, International, Alternative Schools: Elementary, Middle, High School, Alternative Centers and Colleges

Nontraditional: Organizations include, but not limited to

Shelters, Nonprofits, Community businesses, libraries, bookstores, Incubators, Healing spiritual centers, Senior centers

when you learn, TEACH.

when you get, GIVE.


 Ancestor Maya Angelou

Teaching Portfolio 

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Curriculum Sample:

All Potential Partnerships require an initial meeting.
Curriculum available February 2023 for preorder

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