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Bees of the Indigo

Rest is a Priority
Short Term Room Rental

Private Guest Room at the

Bees of the Indigo
Villa De Elta, Oaxaca, Mexico
Short Term Rentals ONLY | Differ from Residency Project

up to 1-month   min. 2 nights

  • Looking to peaceful rent a room during your stay in Oaxaca, Mexico?
    Looking for a break from the fast pace or in need of creative spark/research? 


Join us on this sacred land peace, abundance and creativity, 30-40 mins away from Central Oaxaca.

Per Night:
$40 USD | 653.09 MXN 

$700 USD | 12,610 MXN

Community Garden
Resting Area, Bonfire, Comm.Hosting 


Resting & Working area


Living Room 
Resting Area


Indigo House Library

House use


Outdoor Eco Sustainable Shower

- House use


House 2

Kitchen, Dining Room & Guest Room


Private Guest Room 
Room includes towels, tea kettle, white candle, incense, and lotion

Personal for Guest:
 soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, water


Sitting, Gathering, Eating, E(art)hing Area


Detached Eco Sustainable Restroom


Detached Eco Sustainable Restroom
Outside view


Dining Area

Dining Room.JPG

Community Garden
Currently Growing: Squash, Okra, Black- eye peas, Kale, Green Onion, Thai Basil more...


About this place

The house is comprised of two petite adobe buildings wrapped around an inner courtyard and surrounded on all sides by land. There is the main space with a kitchen, dining and reading nook all in a shared space. Above the kitchen is a small loft bedroom in the attic. The house is off grid, located 30 minutes driving from central Oaxaca. Central Oaxaca is filled with museums, stores, cafes, restaurants, events, galleries and historical sites of cultural preservation. etc. 


Free parking at night within the facilities.

Shower and Bathroom

The house was designed by the owner with land stewardship and sustainability at the forefront. Adjacent to the meditation/prayer is the ecological toilet that creates zero sewage and turns waste into compost. Along onside of the courtyard are banana trees, loquats, ferns and sugar cane. The shower is outdoor, and the water used comes from a well on the land and as you shower that water goes back into the soil, watering the plants on all sides. All kitchen water is also recycled as is the water from the laundry machine on the land.

The Town

The House is surrounded by interesting places to visit! The town of Etla has a local food market about a mile away. You can get fresh produce here daily as well as crafts and delicious cooked local food.  Wednesdays are the best day to attend the market! It's lively and is a wonderful experience.  The town has a rich culture, and spiritual practices.


There is an unexcavated archeological site, ancient church and pilgrimage destination (5th Friday of Lent) called Las Peñitas. The oldest Zapotec ceremonial center in Oaxaca is located in this town surrounding villages are famous for their quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese) and queso fresco (farmers cheese) and you can get handmade tortillas daily in the villages.  Twenty minutes up the hill is CASA, the beautiful San Agustin Arts Center that hosts arts workshops, exhibitions, movies and events year-round.  

What the Indigo House Offers

Private Guest Room 

Shared Space

1 bathroom with Dry Toilet

Outdoor shower

Meditation/Prayer Room

Backyard & Sitting Area

Open Land (for creative purposes or rest)

Community Garden 

Open Field

Furnished - WIFI - Laundry - Parking - Kitchen


Getting around

Having a car makes things easy here, but one of the wonders of Mexico is he abundant, cheap and frequent public transportation. The house is about a 10 minute walk on a peaceful road to the corner where you can get public transportation. If you aren’t up for the walk, Tuk tuks (AKA moto taxis) can be called to pick you up at the house and take you to the market, the ruins or the corner where you catch the bus.


The Indigo House offers airport pick-up and drop-off services. Jaee will get you upon arrival and drop you off time of your flight. Please inform Jaee about this time of your inquiry.

Booking Process

All Payments are made through Paypal. Email us with your interests. In your email inquiry please include a little about yourself, dates and reason for stay. We will try to respond within 24-48 hours. Once approved, we will send the Paypal link to secure the room. Once secured, please email use your travel itinerary for airport services. Based on our calendar, we will inform you whether the room is available for your interested dates.

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