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Made by Karina Roca

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Created by us, for us and gives back to us.
Generational bridging and legacy sustainment continues with us.

- Jaee | Honey


Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png
Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png

Created by Urban Farmer, Welder and Herbalist Karina Roca


Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a small traveling interdisciplinary community creative business that produces programs, events, and services that empower all communities of color and their experiences, within the U.S and internationally. As we work from the ground up and directly with community focused creators and businesses in providing creative based opportunities focused on sustainability, generational wealth, legacy building, education, ancestral and cultural awareness, professional development, entrepreneurship, wellness, community care and collective interdependence. 


Through our programming, support all communities of color through two ways: : 


  1. We offer virtual and in-person creative based services, workshops, events, and programs to groups, and individuals in need of what we can offer. 

  2. In different cities, monthly, we distribute 50-100 need based kits and free classes to individuals and families in need of professional and personal development. Class includes budgeting, resume building, public speaking, etc.. . 



 We work directly and side by side with communities in need that honor their voice and experience in providing the most aligned services and experiences for them, their families, and the community at large. Through programming, we raise resources that will further support individuals and families in low-income communities of color. We travel within the U.S. and Internationally through in-person and virtual programming. We partner and collaborate with organizations and creators on programs and projects with the aligned vision of personal and collective liberation, no matter the field of practice and study.

        Creativity changes lives. It heals and it solves problems.


Creativity is a power that gives us the space, inspiration, and autonomy to be ourselves. It allows us to understand the world and process the experiences that encourage us to share them with others. As humans, we can support each other and our communities by using our practices and knowledge to help further research, build, teach, and develop stronger foundations for the world to justly experience.

These foundations happen through collectively exchanging -- teaching what we know and learning what we do not know to integrate and expand with each other in understanding. Our mission is to foster opportunities for connection, culture, and self-awareness that support our communities in creating new pathways that support and care for people and their needs.


Our mission is an act of service that builds brighter collective legacies for generations before and after to piece together and expand further.

our Story

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary briefly started as a community-led social media platform on Instagram in February of 2020 as a space for our founder, Jaee Honey Sumter, to share their story, create self-produced programming, and offer spiritual as well as explorative information for the collective that they learned along the way. 

During its inception, Jaee resided in China to teach and met some extraordinary people. Jaee also learned about their communities and stories by connecting with them. These communities and countries included Myanmar, China, Thailand, and Laos. The stories centered on unjust experiences from powerful movement shakers from and living in countries like Bulgarian and South Africa. Due to the difficulties of communication with loved ones in the U.S., Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary moved towards the direction of social media after Jaee's experiences years of doing this work naturally in physical space. This virtual outlet opened many doors to integrate and create programming that existed in  caring, transparent and inclusive forms. 

Weeks after its conception
, Covid '19 occurred; the hive quickly and naturally manifested as a virtual space on Instagram for people to find comfort, make new connections with people around the world, explore themselves, actualize their ideas, and radically share their stories in the most authentic and creative outlets. Our programming centered on all fields and manifested through virtual music performances, artist & poet talks, dance and art workshops, healing circles, community donation drives, herbal insight, collective tarot, and astrology readings, quarantine zine, YouTube series, Radial Self-Love highlights, cooking recipes, talks about our vision and purpose in the world. 

This vision guided Jaee further into this realm, especially with their elders shifting into the ancestral world due to COVID misdiagnosis. Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary helped Jaee to process all that was occurring in their life. In February of 2021, Sweet Herbal Honey became an LLC entity and a full access online archive that acts as our website and displays all physical and virtual programming from the community. The Sweet Honeycomb archive honors mutual investment, creative freedom, mindfulness, artivism, reimagination, and tangible solution-building through storytelling. By exploring and learning the tools that work most naturally for us, we can inspire and feel inspired in expanding our momentum in further action and production. 

As of January 2023, Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is a traveling interdisciplinary community creative agency and digital archive that produces community-centered creative-based projects, programs, events, and services that give back to low-income communities in need. We develop fundraiser-based creative programming and partner with community-focused POC creators, collectives, businesses, and organizations to collectively merge and build further in our platforms to bring new sustainable and innovative cultural community ideas into fruition, step-by-step. We work directly and side-by-side with communities in need that honor their voice in providing the most aligned services and experiences for them, their families, and the community at large. 

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In honor of Ancestor Joesph "Joe" Sumter

In loving memory to my grandfather, Papa Joseph "Joe" Sumter

Sweet Herbal Honey was bloomed during COVID 19 and in honor of him.


October 16, 1940-April 7, 2020



Human. husband, father, Zulu brother, faith believer, protector, community lover, community business


owner, loving grandfather. and powerful ancestor.

Joe's Record & Sweet Shop

- sweet we are my dear ancestor. my teddy bear

Core Team Members

IMG-7981 (1).jpg

Janae' "Jaee" Sumter

Founder, Creator, Creative Life Coach, Cultural Bearer-Weaver, Intergration Educator, Community Art Consultant, Dancer, Artist, Reiki Practitioner



New Orleans, LA

Based: California & Traveling

 I'm super excited to be working with ya'll!

%50 percent of our receiving proceeds on programming goes toward:
1.  Funding community projects
2. Organizational costs
3. Providing Paid Project Oppurtunites for creators
4. Providing FREE donation-based resources for those in need.

100% of direct donations goes directly towards providing FREE need-based resources Indvidual's and families in low-income communities,
Some Examples: (groceries, community refrigerators, hygiene products, art supplies, books, feminine products, masks, bedding, school supplies, 1:1 skill and professional development) 

All donations will go towards these examples and more, unless it's specified to be allocated elsewhere.


Interested in joining the core team? Want to support and empower our communities using your skills and expertise?
Email Us!

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