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Welcome to Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC

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Check out my Herbal Shop, Sweet Herbs!

A magical shop where you can find all handmade and natural products sold by under Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary.


Our Shop OPEN and ships within the U.S!

For customs, email us at

Much Peace & Blessings to you 

Thank you for shopping with us!

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Check out our Creative Programming & Digital archive, Honeycomb Archive!

Here you will find upcoming events, collaborations, community forums and our Digital Archive filled with all Sweet Herbal Honey's creative programming with creators around the world. All programming is for us, by us.


If you are interested in collaborating, please email us!

Check out Jaee Sumter's artist portfolio


Here you will find their Community Art practice, healing work, and Arts Integration Educational Empowerment Program, Ase O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy.


Jaee also offers

- Community coaching workshops

- Creative 1:1 Life Coaching

- Reiki Sessions

-Art Lessons 

_ Art Curriculum building

- Intuitive Movement workshops

- Community Art based workshops (individual, small groups and large groups

- Mediation Sessions (sound, movement, art, creative writing 

(All ages)


For collaborations or services with Jaee, email them at 


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About Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary 

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is a California based traveling multidisciplinary community artivism apothecary and creative agency that centers and partners with BIPOC communities through collaboratively building community governed programs. Through step-by-step strategy, production and development, we work with communities physically and virtually around the world as we collectively build our own table where everyone eats and contributes together and within capacity. This happens as we highlight every voice, story, history, culture, tradition, identity, gender expression, interest(s) passion(s) and skill set.


We work side by side with you through a wholistic, autonomous and inclusive approach to community empowerment and storytelling. We use artivism and wellness for creative thinking, solution building, goal attainment, legacy sustainment and ancestral practice. Our elders and ancestors guided us with the blueprints for us to carry the torch for current and future generations to reimagine, rework and build further. 


Through our form of contributing to the collective mission to global liberation, we use our community centered digital archive, community event curating, cultural empowerment education program, online herbal shop and my personal creative practice to build with community as we hold space for creativity and identity exploration that solves real life problems that we face. We focus on the power of community engagement through fostering intergenerational cultural(s) celebration, building new foundations, addressing oppression + trauma and working with organizations in creating more financial as well as equitable opportunities for local and global community. We’ve done this through many avenues that include, but are not limited to collaborative based donation drives, exhibitions, creative healing + drum circles, travel photography, narrative documentaries, recipe series, virtual talks and communicative workshops.


 Like a hive of bees understanding the collective mission while also honoring our individual beings and practices. Our honey pours over abundantly as we continue to learn ourselves and pollinize the world together by being our own bee. As an apothecary of healing herbs, we each carry our own form of healing that is as powerfully independent as it's even more powerfully interdependent. Together we blend a delicious overflow of Mama Earth's loving tea for all to enjoy and replenish together.  

We've worked hard enough - lets work intentionally and with ease.

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This actualizes through three aspects of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary:

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Sweet. Honeycomb Archive & Programming 

Sweet. Honeycomb Programming & Archive is the honeycomb of us that centers community-led creative programming, both physically and virtually. Sweet. Honeycomb Programming partners with you -- community hearted creators and businesses to produce creative based events and projects that support and give back to the communities we cherish and build with-for. 


All programming moves onto our digital archive for the world to see and learn our stories. Through our programming aspect, we build together and center our communities' voices. Our stories matter and we must hold space in seeing who we are fully. The archive stays true to narrative sharing and the power of us. Past programming included art events, donation drives, community exhibitions, art projects, a recipe, YouTube + photo series, dance workshops, affirmative circles, interviews, conversations and more... Programming can be donation based, free and/or for profit. This is dependent on the creator and partnership agreement.


There is a fee for partnership unless it’s an organizer to organizer collaboration where we merge our businesses together for greater production. As we are case by case, please head over to our collaboration form under our “Book Services” page and share more about your idea and budget.


Sweet. Jaee Sumter Freelance Contractor 

Sweet. Jaee Sumter Freelance Contractor is the bee of us that holds space for Jaee Honey as a Freelancer Artist and Independent Contractor to work on short- and long-term projects with you virtually and on-site. Jaee Honey is an Arts Integration and Community Art youth & adult Educator, Certified Creative Life Coach, Dancer & Movement Trauma Release Instructor, Cultural Visual Artist, Travel Photographer and Creative Director, Curator, Reiki Practitioner and Community Arts Consultant from New Orleans and is based in California. Jaee Honey loves traveling and immersing themselves in different communities to learn from and with you. Traveling based projects are always welcome!


Their independent contracting allows them to facilitate creative inquiry, intuitive and technique-based workshops for youth and adults, curate solo + community focused exhibitions, travel and document stories through photography and documentaries, moderate panels, perform and lead jam sessions, go-go dance for LGBTQ+ parties and work with teachers, institutions and parents in integrating creative practice into multi-subject leaning within the U.S and internationally. This includes core subjects and centering all learning styles. 


This is also presented through art teaching (physical and online), lesson and curriculum development, community art consulting, intergenerational affirmative circles, natural dyeing, public altars and as well as art shows (curating or participating). This allows Jaee to simply show up as an artist and creator, rather than an organizer and event planner. Opportunities that hold space for Jaee as an individual and participant -- this is the branch for it!


Sweet. herbs Online Shop

Sweet. herbs online shop is our herb of love where you can find intuitively handmade creations that ranges from home decor to supporting anxiety relief. This centers natural dyed towels, wreaths, experimental fabric tapestries, spiritual brooms, personal power yoni incense holders, hair charms, personal altars and herbal sachets for anxiety relief. We also provide custom work such as ready-made wall ancestor altars, dyed photo backdrops, banners for small businesses, tie dyed clothing and spiritual brooms for weddings, funerals and personal spiritual maintenance.


You will also find our 250-page Curriculum for our AséO Empowerment Program that will be launched in February 2023. Pre-sales for the hardcover book will be coming soon.


All products are handcrafted. Ase O curriculum is built by Jaee.

Sweet. Jaee|Honey

Sweet. herbs

Sweet. Honeycomb archive

We are the recipe(s) of our elders and ancestors.


We each carry the torch and the role that is most true who we are and enjoy expressing.


We are the ingredients needed to change the world and in that most honest connection and collaboration, something new can be birthed.

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is us.


The community.                                                 The elders.

           The youth.                                     Our ancestors.

                   The adults.                       Mama Earth. 


the spirit beyond and within. 

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