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All potential contracts and collaborations require an initial brainstorm meeting via Zoom.


Initial Meeting

Partnership Agreement & Fee Deposit

Project Vision, Timeframe & Breakdown

Space & Location layout

Goal Setting: Step by Step execution

Marketing / Promotion

Slideshow & Video


*Reference letter (optional)

*If creator is in need of a reference letter and/or recommendation for future employment opportunities or school credit.

For Artist Co-Organizing Collaborations:

There is no Fee to co-organize together.



 For independent contracting:


   For Programming & collaboration


   For Sweet. herbs Online Apothecary

- customs and store related questions


For Ase O Empowerment Program

Partnership Agreements and Service Fees:


I have a set fee and it can be adjusted case by case depending on the needs, deliverable, and resources of the client. 


I work with the needs of my clients and the communities they work with. Everything offered is created and developed with the community.

I tailor my services to integrate each client's needs' regardless of industry and/or business, as long as we are clear about the overall mission of supporting community.

In my work, i center arts activism through the lens of wellness and community healing practice. If you're desiring to collaborate with that in mind, let's work together!

Services & Offerings

Jaee is a traveling Independent Arts Contractor based California and travels within the U.S and Internationally. Jaee's offerings manifests through the frame of a Visual Artist, Arts Intergration Educator, Creative Life Coach,Curator, Energy Practitioner, Creative Writer, Photographer, Dancer, Community Art Consultant and Creative Entrepreneur.

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is a moving apothecary that allows Jaee to travel to you and work with you within your own communities. There is great importance in preserving, documenting, archiving and sharing our stories that celebrates cultural traditions and community expansion. 

Jaee supports in this work through building with you in exploring the abundant ways we can tell our stories, build new sustaining structures and attain our collective goals through creative programming, goal setting and dream manifesting, both individually and collectively. Using our creative gifts to build and integrate practices supports space in recreating an interdependent and community sustaining world. 

All programming can manifest virtually and/or physically. Programming and partnerships will be included on our digital archive where it exists for the global world to witness your stories, build together and connect with each other. 

Listed below you will find our services categorized under:

Sweet. Honeycomb Archive & Programming 

Virtual archive. Curating community-led and creative centered programs, both physically and virtually. Designated space that documents our past, present, existing and future stories. Supporting community -- creators, businessowners, institutions and organizations in all fields. We have the power to tell our stories, let's tell it in the most "us" way as possible that builds greater equitable foundations.


 Sweet. Freelance

Independent Contractor. Holds space for Jaee to offer services that actualizes as a Spiritual healing, Visual Cultural Art, Community Arts Consulting, Curating. Travel Photographing Creative Workshops. Artist Talks, Exhibitions, Modeling, Performing, and Documentaries. This also includes Partnerships with individuals, galleries, comm. centers and organizations.   







  • Arts & Literacy based Lesson Planning and Curriculum Building

  • Community Arts Consulting for Centering Community Voices in the Work

  • Ancestral, Personal & Community Altars

  • Creative Based Classes for Youth & Adults

  • Curator

  • Community Based Installations & Creative Practice Workshops

  • Artist Talks & Lecturers (featured and/or moderator)

  • Artist to Artist Collaboration

  • Individual Commissions (visual art, brooms, backdrops, business banners)

  • Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation

  • Exhibitions: Solo, Community, Integrated

  • Narrative Telling, Travel Photography & Cultural Documentaries

  • Go-Go Dancer (LGBTQ) & Performances:

  • Modeling, Fashion Styling & Narrative based shoots: 

  • Material Based Murals

  • Accessible Learning through the Arts (specifically in low resource communities within U.S and Aboard)

AséO: Descendents of Roots & Legacy Empowerment Program

Empowerment & Arts Intergration program through education + curriculum. Centers literacy, creative arts, storytelling, artivism, identity exploration, cultural awareness, intersectionality, community empowerment, archiving, intergenerational & legacy and understanding and community connection. We will use creative expression to further uplift leadership, public speaking, goal setting, resume and skill building, writing, team building, multi-subject learning and business mapping. We will also discover language to our everyday experiences that introduces technical, traditional, ancestral and cultural understanding. This guides us in unpacking and dissecting the ways in which we understand ourselves, our communities and the world at large through education.

This presents itself in traditional and nontraditional settings. 

Sweet. Herbs Online Shop

Online apothecary. We sell handcrafted artistic spiritual products that range from intuitive home decor such as naturally dyed towels, experimental fabric tapestries, personalized wall altars, altar cloths, dyed clothing, personal power yoni incense holders, hair charms and herbal sachets for anxiety and stress.

Partnership Starting Fee:


Organizer Collaborations: Free

Individuals: $1o0

Small Businesses: $250

Small Institutions: $500

Major Institutions: $1,000

These are starting fees. If traveling to you, fee amount may differ. Finalized fees are based on the agreement between Jaee and client. 


For potential partnerships where affordability is a challenge:

Please reach out to Jaee and we can exchange in resources, skill trading or explore the possibilities further!

Donate to hire and pay more community

If you would like to donate to the cause that can support hiring more community centered creators and staff, please email Jaee or head on over to our donation form.

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