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Yoni Goddess
Incense Holders

Our Yoni Goddess Collection is a physical manifestation of the goddess wise within; each is intuitively handcrafted with vibrant characters of its own.


The Yoni Goddess is an immaculate collection of incense holders that luminates creative energies of love, groove, grace, and peace. Each will bring an element of personal power to any home, and all are created with love, care, joy and prayers of abundant healing. 


The Yoni Goddess holder creates space for our feminine energy to flow, create and connect with welcoming the balance of our divine masculine. Each focuses on the sacral chakra in and moves through the senses to open a portal of creative inspiration and expression.


 Through connecting with our sacral (creativity, sexual pleasure, womb), we are able to unlock and expand our powerful divine feminine energy of abundance, intuition, softness and flow. Then allow our creative energies to act as a guide for our masculine energy of action, structure, and building to manifest spiritually and physically.

 Each fits perfectly with the owner who is intuitively called to such a piece.


The energy sources/ centers within our body, they are aligned with our spiritual and physical being. In western spirituality, seven are commonly practiced and focused on, but in eastern spirituality and religion it can be as many as twelve. Each chakra is associated with a color, energy and organ, they can block and be balance at any moment with clothing, scents, foods, herbs, action, meditation and energy work (reiki, sound bowls, acupuncture, etc...)


Artist Janae' Sumter