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Background  | Jaee Sumter

Each product is personal and collective.


All creations and offerings are under Sweet. Herbs and Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is a blessing from the Divine Spirit and my spiritual team. When creating in spirit, I see myself simply as a vessel of Divine creation, as we all are. Everything made has supported my spiritual journey over the last 6-7 years; I am grateful to be guided in sharing those offerings with you.

Each creation has a personal story; whether it is the Yoni Goddess and Brown Suga Incense holders or the anxiety sachets, each brings healing. For example, the holders connect with my experiences of sexual violence; as a survivor, my devotion to stepping into my personal power was vital for me. From those experiences and advocacy, I create them as a reclamation of supporting other survivors and people seeking to reconnect with their own personal power, grounding connection, creativity, and sensuality.  

As a person with a history of anxiety, I experienced severe anxiety attacks. Creating these herbal blends has tremendously supported me over the years. Over the last six years, herbal medicine has brought light to my recognition journey, and I love sharing that with others. Sweet. herbs is an honoring of the healing mystic we each acquire and how we can tap into that healing further to liberate and accept ourselves in the most creative, accessible, and honest forms. 

Thank you to every person who supports Sweet Herbs and me. I love this work and its offers. I think it's pretty magical that I get to create artworks that can assist folks in their ascension and personal practice with the guidance of Divine love.  

Each product is special because it channels the energies and vibrations of each person it's called towards. The specialness moves through the reflection of you; I am simply a vessel that grounds that energy into a small creation made with you in heart, intuition, and soul.

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