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About Sweet Herbal Honey

Made by Karina Roca

Hey There

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Sweet Herbal Honey derives from a place of viewing us as an Apothecary and hive. As a community minded collective of divine humans who practice through all fields. We can dream and create a future that guides integration with one another and build from there. Some fields can include but are not limited to wholistic & traditional medicine, medicinal entertainment, education, cookery, architecture, anthropology, organizing, homesteading, designers, arts, writing, carpentry, sex education, birthcare, finances, home building, therapy, writing, science and the list can go on.


As the framework of an Apothecary, each person has their own healing medicines that are based on them as an individual living in their daily experiences and healing from them. It guides us further to what we are most passionate about and desire to share with others, naturally. In that healing and acceptance of ourselves, we connect with others on similar or different paths.


The healing amplifies in real time and creates a potent spark in vibration. Like an elixir, a medicine – a herbal blend that not only heals us, but we also enjoy and find comfort in – we get to share with ourselves and with others. We learn to care for and support each other. 


To break this down, I support you in envisioning, building and living in your dreams. 

So let's talk about what you’re wanting to share with the world. 


What is your story?

Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png
Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png


Art has the power to give us space, inspiration and autonomy to be ourselves. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the world and process our experiences that encourages us to share them with others. As creators, we have the opportunity to support each other and our communities through using our practices and knowledge to help research, share, rebuild and develop stronger foundations.


This happens through teaching what we know while learning what we don't in order to integrate and expand with the very communities we love. Our mission is to foster connections (wholistically) for people to explore their creative voice that creates space for sustaining more blueprints, celebration, innovation and healthier lifestyles through step-by-step planning and purposeful vision. Through internal research we support you in discovering and moving towards your passions and a lifestyle that drives you forward rather than hold you back.


By this intentional act of community care, people are able to explore and build innovative avenues of literature, entertainment, comm. centers, education houses, science innovations, homes and more. This also welcomes new forms of artistry and activism that centers new structures of farming, philanthropy, co-ops, banks, land ownership, healing, birth care, financial independence and overall wealthy fulling lifestyles. This provides people with the power to live a reality they don't have/want to escape from. Together we can achieve our personal and collective goals. 

the work (is)vital

As a Black Queer person from my own “hood”, let alone a creative entrepreneur, artist and community creator of my own domain, I’ve experienced my own fair share of challenges that’s ranged from economical and sociopolitical injustice as well as many imbalances of creative autonomy, logistic power, burnout & lack of capacity, unaligned investments and more. Through those experiences, I learned the importance of community interdependence that encourages creative freedom, partnership, fun and logistic autonomy.  It’s pushed my efforts in furthering my calling in curating activated programming for the community to not only see ourselves fully, but also thrive prosperously while creating better opportunities for our communities to support each other in the process, locally and beyond. 


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