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Sweet. Honeycomb Archive & Programming 

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a programming and production that focuses on community-led creative fundraiser-based projects, both physically and virtually. We partner with local organizations, schools, artists, and businesses to produce impactful and creative programs that give back to the community. Our services include events, community exhibitions, healing circles, drives, community projects, workshops, interviews, and conversations. 

We are passionate about creating meaningful projects that promote creativity and collaboration while also supporting local artists and businesses. We strive to create programs that are accessible to everyone and can create real change in our communities that brings us together.

Community & Client Partnerships,

At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, we specialize in programming, digital marketing, and community building. We strive to create meaningful connections between our clients and their amazing projects. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about helping creators realize their vision and bring their projects to life.

Through our services, we are able to provide our clients with tailored solutions for their projects, and are committed to developing long term, sustainable partnerships. We believe in the power of collaboration and are dedicated to connecting creators with their communities.

 Our programming services provide the necessary support to ensure that ideas and projects can come to life. We believe in creating connections between communities, and our innovative processes allow us to bridge the gap between creators, organizations and the community at large.

At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, our purpose is to create better opportunities for the community. We work to create creative innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We also understand the importance of community and the connection between our clients and their audience. That's why, after every project, we include background information about the creator, the event, any takeaways (lessons, notes), clips, and recaps that act as a digital archive, Sweet Honeycomb Archive for our clients to use as a digital referral and profile for their resumes and for the community to see the diversity of ourselves.  We also offer recommendations and reference letters for artists after to support their future endeavors.

Community Client-Partnership/ Service Fee 

 Fee ranges: 

  1. Size of the event (amount of people expected) (small healing circle would differ from community exhibition or teaching an educational workshop)

  2. What support is needed?

  3. Series or One-time event

  4. Virtual or Physical

  5. Planning Time of Event

The community client-partnership fee includes:

  • Marketing Materials & Digital Designs

  • Promotions 

  • Connection with other creators (institution or another creative in your city or virtual for a similar idea or possible alignment 

  • Archive (Full page of you and your work, your project, and any information where folks can find you)

  • Project or Work Recommendation, if needed

  • Venue costs

  • Fundraiser or project


 Pay Outs to Hired Project-Team Creators:

For hired project-based artists' opportunities, Pay Out's to creators will follow 4-7 business days after the event. 

We ask that 20 percent of all project earnings to artists are donated to the Sweet Herbal Honey donation fund to provide resources for low-income communities of color.

We use Eventbrite and our website to sell tickets.


Sweet. Herbs is the honeycomb of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that manifests as our online apothecary. We sell handcrafted artistic spiritual products that range from intuitive home decors such as naturally dyed towels, experimental fabric tapestries, and altar cloths to dyed clothing, personal power yoni incense holders, honey, ancestor traveling jars, spiritual broom, and herbal mojos for anxiety and stress. and more. 

​Our Sweet. Herbs online store is one aspect of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that caters to handmade tangible creative-based spiritual workings that support individuals and the collective along their journeys. All products are made by Janae' "Jaee Honey" Sumter and prayed over with intentions of love, healing, care, personal power, empowerment, abundance, protection, and transmutation. With these assisting energies, each product brings a powerful upliftment and healing to the connected owner. ​

All workings integrate with natural herbs, spices, essential oils, and offerings from Mama Earth and with guidance by the divine.


Soon, you can also find our AséO Descendants of Roots and Legacy Community Art & Wellness Program curriculum here for purchase. It includes 200 pages of three arts educational approaches to incorporating arts within institutional, community organizations, and homeschooling. This presents itself through the lens of technique, inquiry, global awareness, community art, artivism, and arts literacy for English 2nd language learners. It also highlights different ways of honoring all learning styles through lessons. This curriculum includes personal samples, lesson plans, worksheets, and three curriculum approaches in one, 208-books by POC authors (for youth & adults). 

Custom creations are also available for individuals, memorials, weddings, funerals, and small businesses.

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as Cultural Bearer & Comm. Weaver

Arts & Literacy based Lesson Planning and Curriculum Building:

Supports organizations, parents, educational instructions and educators with arts integration lesson planning and curriculum development for grades K-12 & adults.

Community Arts Consulting

for centering community voices in the work:

Strategies for community building and sustaining through creative solutions and step by step planning through focusing on the community and their needs. Supports business and/or artist goals, framework and engagement tools. For businesses, creators and educational institutions.

Creative Based Classes for Youth & Adults:

Facilitating and/or supporting the educator through coaching: Students focuses on self through inquiry-based learning and community integration in and beyond the classroom. 

The Artist Voice: Artist & Creator support:


My role: Liaison & Curator

For artist and organization and/or gallery partnerships. Making sure everything stays afloat, check-ins, agreements, making sure everyone's needs are met. Supporting the artist and business through curating exhibitions, staying true to all parties' interest, style and vision. Includes marketing, artist talks, additional public programming, etc…

Each One, Teach One is Skill Sharing:

My role: Liaison

Teaching Artist Support

In classrooms, camps, organizations and virtual 

Bringing artists into the classroom and/or and public setting both locally and beyond. Artists will teach adults, youth and intergenerational groups skillful, accessible and integrative techniques based on the artist skill set(s) and practice. This ranges from farming, herbalism, African drumming, yoga, poetry, DJing, documentary, anthropology, cooking, Horticulture, producing, modeling & confidence, building & welding, dancing, photography, coding, book making, authoring, murals, and more…

More information can be found under the AséO program branch. 

Sweet. Jaee
Artist-Practitioner & Contractor

Jaee Sumter Freelance is the bee of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that channels and centers Jaee as an artist, curator, independent contractor, and culture bearer. 

We are passionate about the power of art to create personal and social transformation. My mission is to provide quality that is accessible and meaningful to all. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all to explore and create. I am committed to connecting people to their creative potential and encouraging them to tap into their own unique forms of expression. I offer a wide range of services to support artists in their creative work, including workshops, private lessons, and consulting services.


From art exhibitions and curatorial projects to independent contracting and, my moving ground as an artist is to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates the unique stories of our communities

as Artist & Practitioner 

Ancestral & Community Public Altars:

For memorials, funerals, weddings, 1 on 1 ancestral altar work, gallery spaces, personal altars in businesses, organizations and public space


 Community Based Installations & Workshops:

Material based, collective activations, movement and creative arts workshops. All workshops are inquiry & intuitive based on all age groups and levels.

Artist to Artist Collaboration:

Merging of minds, souls and practices. Organizer & Group collaborations, movement performance, shows, documentaries, healing circles, retreats, etc… 

Artist Talks & Lectures:

Institutions and community spaces; virtual and/or physical


Individual Commissions:

Installations, Paintings, Photography, Altars, etc..


Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation:

Reiki - 1 on 1, Meditation (meditation can be manifested in an abundance of ways. We can explore the form that feels most natural in the space) 

For: small groups, team building, schools


Solo, Community, integrated: featured as artist or curator. Curating space for community and/or curating and participating as an artist.

Narrative Telling:

Travel Photography, Documentaries, Creative based murals (quilts, hair installations, showcases community dinners) & Cultural

Go-Go Dancer & Performances:

Performance (healing circles, festivals, events, collaborations, jam sessions, etc…) Gogo dancing & Crowd hype for LGBTQ parties & events only.

Modeling, Fashion Styling & Narrative based shoots:

Fashion from other creators or myself.  Photoshoots, unconventional artistic fashion, fashion shows, Styling for photoshoots, modeling 

Material Based Murals:

Materials as symbolic meaning for narrative telling through murals 

Asé O: Descendents of Roots & Legacy Community Arts & Wellness Program 

Ase’ O: Descendants of Legacy & Roots is the branch of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that acts as our educational community arts and wellness program + curriculum.

Asé O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy is Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary's Community Art and Wellness program that grounds itself in integrational bridging, inquiry-based learning, and the full-person approach to learning. Our program centers on wellness, arts integration, literacy, and social-emotional through the lens of life. Asé O supports organizations, participating students, and creators interested in teaching their field of focus, creatively and with collective legacy at the forefront. Our program supports organizations, families, and individuals through teaching, coaching, and building integrative curriculums that expand our awareness about ourselves and the world(s) we experience.

Our entry point to collective legacy building and creative-based wellness centers in the traditional framework of each one, teach one mindset that investigates our role(s) in collective liberation.


Asé O's approach to education builds and nourishes a sustaining foundation that uses creativity for expression, activism, community empowerment, emotional awareness, identity exploration, entrepreneurship, equitability, solution building, interpersonal development, and an understanding of systemic gaps that lead to community separation.


Ase’ O is an inclusive, affirmative and community centered program that centers communities of color, yet in accepting anyone regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual belief, disability and/or economic background. 

Through this program, we use creative expression to further uplift leadership, public speaking, resume and skill building, literacy, business mapping and discovering our creative voice. We discover language to our everyday experiences that introduces technical, ancestral, traditional, cultural and explorational ways of understanding and unpacking the world through our stories. Our educational program can be integrated in educational institution settings, homes and community spaces. 

Our program is virtual and in-person.

Bees of the Indigo Home Apothecary & Event Space

Bees of the Indigo is a Queer BIPOC-led radically inclusive, affirming, and empowering creative event space and residency in Bakersfield, California.

This is a home apothecary and event space for community to hold events alongside our regular programming that will begin September 2023. We hold creative healing based in-person and virtual events, workshops, ceremonies, fundraisers, services, and physical products through our store, Sweet Herbs.


This house-portal of creation acts as a physical vessel for BIPOC artists, organizers, practitioners, educators, and vessels of all ages, gender identities and backgrounds to create, exchange and build together through creative and sacred practice.

At Bees of the Indigo, we use research, practice, and community exchange to develop programs, offerings, and equitable opportunities for creators to teach their work, explore their practice, and/or hold space with the community(s).

The indigo house centers elements of personal and community build towards accessibility, legacy building, intergenerational bridging, afro-indigenous awareness, self-exploration, community care, culture integration, ancestry.

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