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honey, this was created for us.


For years, I found myself accustomed to creating physical spaces where there was soulful eye contact, lively synergy, great food, and folks who asked, “honey, do you need a hug today?" As an old school individual, it was natural for me to show up in this way. The modalities of creating deeper connections through social sites had its moments for me.

So when I received the blessing to teach internationally, I quickly realized the challenges of staying connected with my community. I couldn't believe that now my main source of interconnecting with loved ones shifted strictly towards social sites. On top of that, I began to notice the social media pressures and falseness that were unnoticed before. 


During that time, I was gratefully featured in The National Geographic women’s issue with a great deal of phenomenal earth womxn who were highlighted for their powerful community work. This opportunity opened a portal for virtually connecting me with amazing womxn around the world,  like Turkey, Switzerland, and Bulgaria to name a few. Each of them shared so much of themselves with me and about the issues that were taking place in their communities that felt similar to my own. This helped me to realign my focus to ”why” we connect with each other and allow the ”how” and ”what” to float naturally.


Sweet Herbal Honey is holding space in that focus with some herbal tea on the side. We're creating space for interconnection, sharing our wisdom gained from our experiences and knowing that when we feel inspired to share, we are also inspiring others. This beautiful space is a community-led platform (hive) for us to share our experiences, advice, healing services, upcoming events and whatever we feel; while collaborating with each other and honestly exploring ourselves with passion.




In loving memory to my grandfather, Papa Joe


Sweet Herbal Honey was bloomed during COVID 19 and in honor of him.


October 16, 1940-April 7, 2020


Record + Zulu , faith believer,  protector, community lover and loving grandfather.

Joe's Record & Sweet Shop

- sweet we are.  







What is Sweet Herbal Honey?

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary is a multilayered platform that  incorporates both a community-led social archive and an herbal online shop that is dedicated to cultivating space, healing, self-discovery for communities of color.

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary was founded in 2020 by Janae' "Jaee/Honey" Sumter. As a ever-growing hive of like-minded souls, we are dedicated to building and cultivating space for creative programming that centers community & personal healing, intergenerational & international awareness and legacy building.


Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC creates and nourishes space for POC creators, creative businesses, artivists and entrepreneurs to host events and workshops based on their interests and expertise that better supports communities of color. Our programming promotes mental health awareness, supportive collaboration and transformative change; both physically and virtually. We sell home decor, spiritual products and herbal medicine that assists with personal aligned health.



honey, this is a physical creation of us. 


Lucid Sounds & Expressions 2

Houston, TX, May 1, 2022

creative healing event