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Creativity Coach

Through creativity coaching with a health and wellness lens, I support individuals and groups of all ages in need through 1:1 and group sessions that guide and embrace one's creative skills and personal development.

This approach promotes outside-of-the-box thinking, bringing them the necessary seeds of solutions that provide motivation and empowerment toward their vision of an aligned lifestyle(s) that integrates their interests, gifts, goals, and soul's calling. Sessions use techniques that create a starting or grounding point for unpacking limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits while empowering one's core values and self-acceptance that form healthier habits.

​These techniques include goal setting and envisioning exercises, questioning, reflections, worksheets, journaling, goal tracking, personal research, and connected resources that nurture a growth mindset and interdependence.


Certified 2020

Certified Life Coach, Creative niche

  • Community Art Framework Coaching (organizations & individuals)

  • Art Integration Educational Creative Coaching (educators, groups, individuals)