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"Ubuntu is “the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.”

Ubuntu | Nelson Mandela 

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The Ubuntu Project is an ongoing term-based and two-month cohort community education project that provides virtual and in-person workshops centering on subjects within wellness, spirituality, personal/professional development, healing justice, social change, and community empowerment. All project workshops are made possible by community practitioners, cultural bearers, organizers, artists, and activists of all fields and identities within the Diaspora who desire to give back to their community(s) through education and legacy building that impacts the present and future.


By facilitating their lens of practice, participating cohorts provide a series of introductory workshops that welcome attendees to take an integrative view and approach to our historical journey toward justice that supports the power of socio-economic awareness, personal exploration, mindfulness, storytelling, skill accessibility, and sustainable community practice. The Ubuntu Project is a charity fundraiser that utilizes education as a tool for activism where workshops are liberating, socially informed, explorative, creative, growth-oriented, and enlightening in bridging critical-creative thought and personal-professional development with real-life experiences.



The Ubuntu Project is a community fundraiser that pours into us and our communities through skill expansion, knowledge sharing, ancestral-spiritual awareness, self-understanding, and community building that provides an opportunity to learn, teach, and raise charity-based resources that give back to our communities within and beyond the U.S.


As an ode to our ancestors beyond space, age, and time, The Ubuntu Project bridges intergenerational legacy and sustainable community gaps that breathe life into solutions towards personal and collective empowerment. As an ode to our collective history and reality, we use education to re-envision, reclaim, revolutionize, and liberate generations now and to come. We honor our ancestors and their resilience, wisdom, sacrifice, bliss, spiritual-cultural foundations, emancipation, and the collective reparations deserved from colonialism, systemic inequality, fascism, and dehumanization.


The Ubuntu Project decolonizes education by challenging notions of how we learn, who has the right to teach, and where learning can exist. This ongoing cohort project nourishes learning as a pathway that liberates our minds, spirits, hearts, and bodies to build upon personal and collective sovereignty. Workshops support participants with a greater understanding of their experiences and provide the space to express themselves while learning others' stories and developing the vital tools that guide their overall creative and practical perception(s) of the world.

Collectively, we use learning and teaching as a wholistic approach to sovereignty, community service, and care that empowers, uplifts, and sustains the achievements and efforts toward Black Liberation for all within and beyond the African Diaspora. We use this to reimagine, replan, nurture, and build networks for our communities to manifest and sustain our collective future. We value education and knowledge that moves beyond the classroom and exists everywhere while catering to all learning styles and identities.

Systematically, education is one of many pathways that are either underdeveloped, under resourced, or inaccessible to communities of color. Historically, educational institutions have intentionally developed resources that lack our history, cultural understanding, economic success, environmental awareness, mental health, spiritual accessibility, learning confidence, and many more resources needed to succeed in this world. The Ubuntu Project is adding our part in the existing pathways towards our collective freedom, where workshops are fun, explorative, affordable, integrative, inclusive, socially charged, and accessible as an everyday practice regardless of age, disability, cultural difference, or what we may already know.

  • Do you believe that each one, teach one has a positive impact to intergenerational bridging, legacy building, and community sustainability?

  • Do you believe that learning is a pathway toward liberation? 

  •  Do you desire to give back to our communities through teaching others liberation practices (agriculture, writing, marketing, financial literacy, creative arts, culture, herbalism, co-ops, nonprofits, etc...)

  • Do you wish to connect with like-hearted and purpose-minded people?

  • Are you interested in developing new or more facilitator skills to better support your practice?

  • Are you a BIPOC healer, artist, educator, or activist in one of the listed fields that believes in sovereignty for all and centers people of color?

Focusing Fields & Topics:

There will be no limitation to fields and topics. If there is a focus on personal and collective liberation, we are open to interested fields, topics and session. On the application, you will find an option to list your interested topics.

Traditional & Nontraditional Arts, Traditional and Ancestral Medicine, Technology, Nonprofit, Agriculture/Horticulture/Food Security/Cooking, Homeownership/Acquiring land, Environmental Justice, Generational Wealth, BIPOC History/Archiving, Spirituality, Foreign Languages, Investing. Business/Entrepreneurship, Know Your Rights, Eco homebuilding, How to Organize space, Digital & Resume Support, Healing Circles, Trauma Recovery, etc...

Join our second cohort this May 2024! For our Spring 2024 Cohort, we will be accepting two interested creatives to facilitate four to five Zoom workshops for two months (May & June 2024). Each facilitator will receive a $150 Honorarium from Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary for their participation and collaborative effort. This does not include attendee sales. 30% percent of proceeds from each workshop will go towards a charity mission of your choosing. Teaching experience is not required! Cohort members receive 1:1 coaching Professional Development sessions to support with their introduction or continuation to facilitating virtually.

Spring 2024 Cohort 
Application Now Open!

Apply Here!

Application Submission & Review Process

DeadlineCompleted applications are due by 11:59PM PST on Friday, March 29th, 2024.


Interviews begin April 1-5, 2024. Email Notifications will be sent April 8 & 9, 2024

Group Introduction Meeting and Project Informational: Friday, April 12, 2024

Zoom Workshops begin: May 6, 2024

Our application is designed to support and work with you, especially if you have not submitted an application before. There will be no penalties for lack of traditional writing conventions, such as grammar, punctuation, and formatting in the application process. 


The community sustains each other by
bridging four main parts:


  • Community Facilitators pour into the community by facilitating and offering workshops within their expertise, interests, and focus(s).


  • Attendees pour into the Community Facilitators through participation, feedback, interest, and exchange. 75% of the proceeds from each workshop directly pay all facilitators.


  • Attendees pour into themselves and other fellow attendees by expanding their awareness, discovering new habits, and applying their curiosity and imagination into practice by learning resources that were or were not readily accessible before.


  • Through service, community facilitators and community attendees directly donate to grassroots charity causes and missions in the U.S. and abroad that better serve and support the work toward collective liberation. 25% of each workshop goes directly to charity.


With that --- we need you!


If you are interested in facilitating in the future or joining the administration team, please email us at


All workshops are led by the community, for the community, and in service with our community.


Ubuntu is an African philosophy derived by the Zulu and Xhola languages that states, "I am because we all are. Humanity towards others." Archbishop Desmond Tutu famously described ubuntu as meaning "My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours." 


Cohort Participation

Winter 2023 Cohort: November & December 

Community Focus – Virtual Sessions ONLY

We raised $100.83 from our First winter cohort! Proceed were able to fund community educators and donated to the

Freedom Community Clinic in Oakland, CA!

Thank you to all the attendees and participating cohorts.

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Cohort Timeline 2023-2024

Fall & ​Winter 2023 


 November & December

Community Focus via Zoom

Spring 2024:

 May & June

Community Focus via Zoom

Summer 2024:


Summer Break

Resumes August 2024

The Ubuntu Team


Director, Manager & Instructional Coach

Janae’ “Jaee Honey” Sumter

- Project Manager: TBD

Manages program plans and execution, builds partnerships with community organizations and schools for in-school classes and virtual workshops.

Please email us your resume and cover letter for this role.

Thank You to Our Fall 2023 Cohorts

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Meet the Ubuntu Fall 2023 Cohort


Destiny Webster

Pronouns: She/ Her 



Destiny Webster comes to coaching with over 10yrs of empowering connections to beautiful beings and thriving communities. Through her work in nonprofits and education, Destiny has committed herself; to creating opportunities for communities, providers, healers, activists, and leadership to prioritize their well-being in their work and ultimately; their worldview. Destiny creates sacred space for Radical Self-Care! Destiny uses her passion for art, spirituality, creative expression, storytelling, and music to create opportunities for clients to connect to themselves and the world around them. Clients embark on a journey of daily practice and exploration.


Destiny provides consulting and strategic planning for community-based organizations who wish to cultivate authentic teamwork through modeling care, balance and collaboration in the workplace. Destiny believes that change begins in the community. She intends to equip community leaders and organizations with living tools that help re-revision communities in the workplace! 


Kendall Dominique

Pronouns: She/ Her 



Kendall Dominique is a multifaceted being; she shows up as a community nurturer, holder of sacred space, and budding herbalist. She comes from a lineage of nurturing and expansive women that were invested in their community through: midwifery, herbalism, community activism, and youth development. Through her work Kendall has been reclaiming lost practices of her female lineage and finding pieces of herself along the way as she communes with her ancestors. 

Kendall followed in their footsteps and continued their community work. Her work has been centered in supporting BIPOC communities that experience gender-based violence through providing: 1:1 counseling, advocacy, educational workshops, and healing circles. Academically she holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work focusing on how communities can reconnect to healing centered approaches to addressing harm. Over the last five years she has been a student of plant medicine, as well as building her practice of offering postpartum care. 

As a nurturer she has been supporting individuals with exploring their relationship with radical self acceptance and understanding the importance of self preservation when it comes to investing in their mental wellbeing. She is cultivating healing spaces where BIPOC folkz not only feel heard and seen, but a space where they can share knowledge, reclaim the act of storytelling, and rediscover their power. 

Kendall realized that healing centered work was not only a resource that could support communities, but a tool that could drastically shift organizations. She has provided coaching, peer support, and training to community based organizations by helping them adopt healing centered skills that build sustainable working environments that foster self preservation over burn out.

Ancestral Wellness Co is an ode to her journey, her community, and her ancestors. A promise to always lead with the love, patience, and gentleness that spirit gifted her in her moments of need. 


Ancestral Wellness Bio:


Ancestral Wellness Co is a Black women-led healing collective supporting people in discovering ways to nurture their mind, body, and spirit. 

We believe healing is much more than what an individual does for themselves but what a community can do for each other. True generational healing comes from the realization that we need each other and that our collectiveness serves an important role in the reclamation of our power. 

Our mission is to support communities in reimagining what collective care looks and feels like. By reconnecting them with ancestral modalities of healing to build strong and healthy communities.


Donte Clark

Pronouns: He/Him/Beloved



Donté Clark is a poet, author, and playwright from Richmond Ca, who uses spoken word and performance as a healing space to shift culture and bridge community. 


Workshop theme:

"Poetic-ly Speakin," a safe space to talk about all things poetry. We will write, share and discuss ideas and techniques on how to further our craft and career as a poet. Workshop is intergenerational, with all skill levels invited.

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