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Sweet Cause Fund

Sweet Cause

 Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary’s Sweet Cause Fund.

A huge portion of our proceeds from programing, partnerships, products, and services provide monthly free creative-based development group workshops & need-based donations to underserved communities in the U.S. and Internationally.

Our Sweet Cause Fund also pays short-term educators, creators and contractors of color for their services! Your support and collective partnership go to a good cause! Partnerships are not only monetary partnerships! Let's exchange and support the community the best we can; together.

Donations come with letters from real people sharing love.

Please email us your letters!

Community Giveaway

We distribute giveaways through where we gather together and drive around local communities in-need to give away items to families in need that fight inaccessibility to food, clean products, school/art supplies, books, and other resources.

Items are purchased through our Sweet Cause Fund and includes small donations from individuals, groups, organizations and schools like fruits, tampons, letters and more.

Art in the Park Donation Drive 2021, Brooklyn, NY

Partnership with Red Hook Project

Donations by local charter school  

IMG_0437 (2).jpg

Sweet Cause Donation Fund financially supports creatives, provides small charity causes with need-based kits during our monthly donation distribution, It Takes A Village, and offers free 1:1 professional - personal development classes to individuals and parents.


Funding to support these community causes derives from all partnership programming under Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary (except the Ubuntu Project).


Partnerships is what supports and allows us to give donations through our Sweet Cause Fund. Our giving moves in two ways, through fulfilling community needs via partnerships and our donation drives & fundraisers.

Distribution Examples: groceries, community refrigerators, hygiene products, art supplies, books, feminine products, masks, bedding, school supplies, 1:1 skill, and professional development)


It Takes A Village 

Monthly Drive & Donate \ We travel between cities 

Current Locations: 

100% of direct donations go towards our Monthly It Takes a Village Donation Drive & Drop-Off Distribution. To donate, partner, volunteer or if you are need of donations, please email us!

We purchase our items from local and nonlocal businesses.


Special thank you
to our donors! 

Thank you to Now Alternative Soulutions (NAS) in Bakersfield, CA for donating over two bins of feminine hygiene products towards 

It Takes A Village Monthly Drive & Drop Off

IMG_0437 (2).jpg

Paper bag donations *ongoing

Crackers, Paper, & Journal, Fruit, Towel, Soap, Toothpaste, Chips, Bread (herbal sachet) *optional

Community Care Drive & Drop-Off Donation Distribution

*now called "It Takes A Village "
Oakland early 2023

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters. Each person was truly truly grateful!

Bees of Indigo Community Love Fundraiser-29.jpg

To partner, donate, sponsor, please email us! If you are in need of bulk donations, please email. We provide up to 100 kits of items that can include fresh produce, art supplies, toiletries, books, herbal medicine, school supplies, backpacks, winter gear, etc...

Needs & Partnerships

Bees of the Indigo Opening Fundraiser

October 28, 2023, Bakersfield, CA

Feminine Hygiene Products from donor, Now Alternative Soulutions

Panda Express sponsored by Community Interventions

Thank you to our donors!
 Community Interventions, Now Soulutions, F&M Publishing

Art in the Park Donation Drive 2021, Brooklyn, NY


Partnership with Red Hook Project

Donations by local charter school

We also donate school and art supplies.

Volunteer with Us

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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