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Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary's Hive Practitioner Guide is a growing guide & directory that highlights as well as connects amazing practitioners like yourself with potential clients in your area! This guide is a wonderful way for the hive community to connect, share, receive services and build together, physically and virtually. 


This guide does center POC queer, cishet, nonbinary, GNC & trans practitioners, but also welcomes space for allies to share their services as well

If you are a POC or ally practitioner specializing in your field and would like to be shared to help folks find you—please fill out our form. First come first serve.


Monthly highlights will include at least 15 practitioners (around the world) to announced and shared with the community. This creates opportunities for community to find practitioners in their own communities.

This will be shared on our platform (archive, monthly newsletter and social media). For future opportunities or partnerships that are in need of your creative services, we will directly connect the client with you via email thread, so please include email.  If you could not make the current month, you will be included the following month. We will inform those who will be announced that month via email.


Soon we will have membership pages for each practitioner that allows community to community with you directly through Honeycomb Archive. Spread the word - we grow as a community when we share with others these opportunities to build together.

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