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 This includes, but not limited to: 

Marriage, Memorial & Personal Spiritual Brooms, 

Natural & Experimental: Dyed Clothing, Altar Cloths, Towels and Fabric

Personal Wall Altars or 1:1 support 

Personal Small Business Banners 

Floral, Painted or Material based Photo Backdrops

Natural Material Wreaths & Bouquets

Material Based  Sculptures for home protection

Bachelorette & Party favors: Yoni Incense holders, Spiritual broom

$150 Spiritual broom cost -- for weddings 

Altars cost for weddings and funerals differ.


Please select new item for any products that are not listed. Explain more in the textbox.

Custom creations can be for personal us, along with creations for memorial, weddings, funerals and businesses.

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